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Hi, all...Have any of you figured out a code for a Psych/BH/MH patient that is otherwise healthy, you know, no physical medical conditions? We are trying to resolve this issue, in the past V71.09 was used, but that does not seem appropriate. My supervisor is telling us that DSM 799.9 is used for "Diagnosis Deferred", but that does not tell that the patient has no medical issues, just says its deferred...

Any thoughts? Thanks for any tidbit at all!

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I have been told by a psychologist that she will not code the axis III dx because it is a medical dx. Behavioral health provider do not dx medical type dx. I agree with your supervisor. 799.98
We use V7109 for Axis II .
We leave Axis III blank, if there is no known medical conditions.
799.8-799.9 states "Other ill- defined conditions" in other words undiagnosed disease. If there is no medical condition known, I don't think you can use this code.
Most mental heatlh providers do not treat medical conditions--at all. Thus, according to ICD-9 (which is the official and sole code set for diagnostic coding), conditions that are not treated, managed, observed or for which diagnostic tests are not performed are precluded from coding. An Axis III of "no medical conditions" is not coded at all.

Hope this is helpful.
Agree with Kevin..The V71.x codes are for conditions which were suspected but not found after investigation, you use these only after diagnostic study results indicate the condition does not exist. You cannot use these code to indicate no medical condition on presentation.