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When refilling an intrathecal baclofen pump, is reprogramming automatically performed or can you refill without reprogramming? Is reprogramming really adjusting dosage?
I have been trying to figure out the same thing. I can't seem to find the info I need documented anywhere...specifically, what parameters need to be changed to qualify for "reprogramming". The description in the 2012 Coding Companion for 95990(/1) makes it sound like the post-refill volume check/change refill date is included in that code, in which case it would not be considered reprogramming. So to me, if that is correct, it is only reprogramming if the dosage/rate is changed.

There is a previous thread here about this with lots of great info, but I didn't feel that it completely answered my question:

I am registered for a Medtronic webinar about Targeted Drug Delivery scheduled for this Friday. I'll post anything I find out thats relevant to this!

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