Balloon angioplasty LUE cpehalic vein


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I started out with 36907 but it requires a primary procedure code (36818-36833, 36901-36906). I'm stuck:

Using ultrasound guidance, the fistula was
cannulated using the finder needle. Over a micropuncture wire, this
was upsized to micro dilator introducer and changed for a 0.035 J-
wire. An ultrasound picture was taken and sent off to the chart.
Next, a 6-French sheath was placed over the wire and initial venograms
were obtained demonstrating the stenosis above with no evidence of
central stenosis. Then, the patient was heparinized. Using a KMP and
a Glidewire, the stenosis was crossed. The Glidewire was exchanged
for a Supercore wire and over this wire, a 7 mm x 20 mm balloon
angioplasty was performed relieving the stenosis. A completion
venogram demonstrated relief of stenosis