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Our General Surgeons see bariatric patients. Our office space is rented and located in a hospital. We have recently switched to seeing our Bariatric Patients in a different location in the hospital that is now called the Bariatric Center. This space is run and owned by the hospital...our surgeons just leave our office and walk down to the clinic to see the patients. I have been coding all of the services as outpatient..being this is not a free standing place and we have no financial stake in this as in rent etc causing us to bill as office 11.
I am having some issues with the patient's due to how insurance is processing these claims because they are "outpatient" services.
I just want to confirm that this is correct...billing the outpatient 22 code. Can anyone help me with this situation, possibly direct me to some documentation that I may present for myself.
I would agree that these should be billed with a 22. And yes, the "outpatient" POS code will cause higher copays and deductibles for many patients. If there is any way to let them know up front I would do so. We have the same issue here with specialists coming in to use hospital space to see their patients.
We have a similar situation in our cardiology clinic being located in the hospital and owned by the hospital. Does anyone know if the hospital can charge a facility fee in addition to the E&M charge that is being billed for the professional charge?