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Does anyone know if its possible/how to get a job in medical coding while going through the process of certification?
You may submit your resume on career websites, listing your education first. The best suggestion I can give is not to get caught up in just coding but try to broaden your scope by applying for medical billing jobs as well. This will allow you to at least get some experience and possibly move you into coding.

I completed my medical billing and coding certification in 2010 and my desire was coding, coding, coding, but I applied for a job as a medical billing and coding specialist and was employed in a small ophthalmology practice. I worked there for almost 8 years but as a biller in a small practice, ensuring that the codes were correct became a part of my daily routine. I am presently employed as a medical billing and insurance specialist which kept me abreast of coding. I took my CPC exam on 3/29/19 and passed. Just start somewhere. All the best.

Karen Coy-Marin, CPC.