Behavioral health coding- help!

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Hello coding world,

I am a brand new coder and took a position as the only coder/biller at a small counselors office.
So, I don't have anyone above me to help with my questions.

The question is regarding Arizona Medicaid and the correct code for services.
The HCPCS code for a drug and/or alcohol screening is H0001 but we don't have anyone with the required license to do that kind of assessment here in the office.
So, the next one is H0002- but this is a screening. Not an assessment.
Next, there is H0031- this is a mental health assessment done by a non-physician. My question with this is, would you bill this for a substance and/or alcohol abuse assessment.

Any feedback on how you code these visits at your practice would be educational for me and I appreciate you! Thanks!