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Help please. My doctor gave me the postoperative diagnosis as "plastic deformation of right radius". I am curious as to what ICD 10 code to use for that? Would S52.381A "Bent bone of the right radius" be appropriate to use there? Or would S52.311A "Greenstick fracture" be a better choice?

Any input would be appreciated.

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Use plastic deformation code

Use the code for the plastic deformation for this. I recently had this too and had to get familiar with this. I would not use Greenstick unless the physician specifies it.
Thank you so much for your input. I don't mean to sound dumb, but what is the code for plastic deformation? Are you talking about the S52.381A?

Thanks again.
I ran across similar question in "Supercoder" from 2012 :

Question: We need an ICD-9 code for plastic deformation of the radial and ulnar shafts. Is 813.23 (Fracture of shaft of radius with ulna closed) correct or would another code be more appropriate?

Answer: You are correct in reporting the plastic deformity of the radial and ulnar shafts with 813.23. Plastic deformity is a curved deformity of the forearm without a through and through fracture. The bone is bent without disruption in the cortex of the bone as in a standard fracture. This is invariably treated with closed reduction and casting.

It would make sense if it is being reduced and casted that a fx code would be appropriate, also - so much gray area !!