Bilat Breast reduction revision


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Having some trouble figuring out what to bill here.

Patient has redundant tissue from a BBR done in 2015. Having skin issues. On their surgery scheduling the office wrote 19318 BBR. I don't think it qualifies anywhere near that.

Wasn't sure about maybe trying some skin excisions and repair codes?
I read somewhere it wouldn't qualify for 19380 b/c a BBR isn't a reconstruction. Just looking for some advice or any other thoughts.

Started by making incision on the LT side in the mid axillary line in the previous inframammary fold incision for breast reduction. Dissection was taken down with electrocautery. We raised the flaps superiorly. The flaps superiorly were then redraped over down to the bottom and retraced over the previous incision that was made on the upper flaps. They were incised w/ a 10 blade scalpel and excised with electrocautery. The wound was irrigated and closed in multiple sutures 3.0 4.0 pds..

we moved on to the RT side in a similar fashion and there was basically excess skin and redundancy in the mid axillary line in the inframammary fold scar. The scar was excised iwth a 10 blade and then the flaps were elevated superiorly and redraped down and retraced over the previous incision and incised. Hemostasis....closed w/ multiple 3.0 4.0 pds subcuticular, dermabond.