Wiki Bilateral knee arthroscopy, 2 surgeons assiting each other

Robin R

Salix, PA
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I'm new to the ortho field. Has anyone seen the following situation?

Physician #1 does total knee arthroscopy (27447) on the right side & assists on the left
Physician #2 does total knee arthroscopy (27447) left side & assists on the right

Is it commonly performed this way? Do you see the assistant getting paid?

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Had the same situation regarding shoulder surgery I do know for Medicare they do not cover the assistant surgeon. Not sure about other plans though.
CPT 27447 is for a Total Knee Arthroplasty. I'm not sure if you are talking about a TKA or a knee scope. In our practice I have only seen one doctor perform both sides with one assistant (usually one of our PAs). If it's for a scope, most payers do not pay for the assistant.
I have never seen this before.

Just keep in mind that each physician needs to dictate their own op note for the knee that they replaced and list the other as an assistant.