Billable E&M?


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Hospitalist responded to a code and documented:
pt unknown to me. pt of Dr X. responded to code as I was on the unit nearby. on my arrival pt found to be pulseless/apneic. attached to monitor and found to be in PEA. Epi given at next check, she was found to have ROSC with pb 190 systolic (d/t epi assuredly) and spontaneous respiration tho not very adequate. required bag mask ventilation. ABG 7. 12/61/199. Respiratory and metabolic acidosis telemetry shows what appears to be possible polymorphic VT. 2mg mg sulfate given and pt transported so SICU wher bipap awaits for hypercapneic respiratory failure. I called Dr X and updated him. discussed my limited understanding of the events surrounding the codes with family and let them know she has pulse/respiration back and would be moved to ICU. Pt is c-diff positive on CKD with ok electrolytes this am, and CHF.

Is this a billable E&M? If so, what level?

Thank you in advance for any guidance.