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New Hartford, CT
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We are a multi specialty with an in-house lab. My Hem/Onc docs want to know that if they draw blood for lab tests, and the blood is sent to our lab dept, can the lab department bill for the venipuncture? The lab did not draw the blood, Hem/Onc dept. drew blood. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
I work in a Medical Oncology office that is now part of the hospital. We have our own lab here and have always billed for our 36415. We just send the blood to the hospital for testing. So all in all, I would say yes, you can bill for the 36415 if your dept did the lab draw. HTH.
The lab department should not be billing the draw if they didn't do it. If your office/RN's are drawing the blood, they can bill the venipuncture.