Wiki Billing admin costs for IV self infusion

Colwich, KS
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Our infectious disease practice supervises patient self-infusion of IV antibiotics. The patient is seen in the office once a week by a doctor or PA and we bill 99213 (etc.) plus the lab (also drawn weekly). For the self-infusion, we bill the J code for the drug, plus we bill S9494 (or S9500-S9503, whichever the insurance requires) for the nurse and physician supervision, supplies, etc. Insurances are starting to disallow the S codes saying those are for home health only.

The reimbursement for the weekly 99213 doesn't cover the cost of nurse and physician services for handling problems that occur with infusion of IV antibiotics. We're looking into billing 99374 & 99375 for oversight of patients that we send to home health, but we still haven't found a code for billing self-infusion patients. Has anyone else billed 99374 & 99375 (which looks like a real pain and might not even be doable - ?), and any suggestions on billing the admin costs for self-infusion?