Wiki Billing diabetic foot care??


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Is anyone billing for diabetic foot care? Is it the code(s) below?
From what I can tell it involves billing code G0127, 11055, 11056, 11719 and when appropriate 11720 and 11721.
For medical necessity you must have presence of systemic conditon, peripheral neuropathy?
The Class A,B,C modifiers are required or a signed ABN from patient and the GY modifier.

Should an Orthopedic surgeon perform routine foot care if he meets criteria?
Is Diabetic foot care the same?
Can anyone help me with these questions?
Thanks so much in advance.
Lynn :rolleyes:
Have you tried looking in the podiatry forum? I haven't done foot/wound care coding in a while so I don't want to give you the wrong answer. Another possibility is if you use MedAssets(Code Correct) they have the LCD's and requirements which might help.
Diabetic foot care

I have also noticed there are HCPCS codes also:
G0245, G0246 and G0247
So now I am really confused.
Our orthopedic foot specialists want to perform Wound Care, so I was curious how to bill for Diabetic Foot Care and if Orthopedic doctors can?
I think Podiatrists do?
Thanks for any input?
Lynn, CPC ;)