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Does anyone have experience with this? I have a PCP who performs cardiac stress tests in his office. Whenever a patient comes in for this test the physician also bills and E&M code. The dictation states that the patient presented for the cardiac stress test. A very minimal history as well as a minimal exam (heart & lungs) are performed. The rest of the dictation is a summary of the cardiac stress test results. When I carve out the stress test results there is really nothing that qualifies for an E&M. NCCI states that "If a physician in attendance for a cardiac stress test obtains a history and performs a limited physical examination related to the cardiac stress test, a separate E&M code should not be reported separately unless a significant, separately identifiable E&M service is performed unrelated to the performance of the cardiac stress test". This is going to be my rationale to the PCP on why he should not bill the E&M. Does anyone have any other published information that I can use with this PCP?