Wiki Billing for co-worker's kid


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I was always told with coding that if you get a chart for someone you know, you DO NOT code it. Does this apply for the billing as well? A co-worker's son recently started physical therapy at the office I bill for, can I bill his visits?

Thanks so much!
I am not sure of all the legalities here, but I would think you are OK to bill it. I work for a small community hospital, so obviously, I will know or recognize the names of our patients. HIPPA laws should protect the patient and me in these cases. As long as I am not violating the patient's privacy or the HIPPA regulations, I am fine.

Now, your employer may have an internal policy that states you can not code/bill for someone you know, so I guess that has to be taken into consideration as well.
I wouldn't think this would be a problem either. As long as you are billing as documented, I don't see why it would be an issue. I work for a Family practice. Most of the employees' families come here. I am the only coder/biller. I even coded my own child's visits. Half of my family are patients here. There is no one else in my office to do it.