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Can a physician bill for a radiology service eg. ultrasound 93880 with modifier 26, billing for interpretation service without the presence of the patient.
I think he/she should not since it is not a face-face visit and using modifier 26 means professional component requiring the presence of the patient. I also think that the radiologist can do this but an M.D needs a face-face visit.
Any ideas or links to verify this would be appreciated.
No the patient does not need to be present, radiologists read xrays all day and do not ever see the patient and they bill the exam with a 26 modifier.
so which date of service should they be billing?
In an office setting, patient comes in on march 28th and has an ultrasound with the tech.
THe physician interprets the report on March 29th. Which date of service does the physician use to bill for the interpretation, only and if he bills Global?
He would dictate the dos that the patient had the ultrasound, but at the bottom of the report he must also put the date the report was read and dictated.
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