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When you bill glasses do you ever bundle an add on in with cost of the lenses? My office has a new om and she thinks we need to change the way we bill. I'm not experienced enough one way or another. For example, if hardware for a plan is covered at 300 for lenses and sv cost 100 at our office and transitions aren't covered, can you bundle the cost of transitions with the lenses so that all the benefit is used? Or do they have to pay oop for the add on?
Check with your contract but typically add-on's are not covered and will need to be paid for separately by the patient. There are codes for these and if payable they would be paid under their appropriate codes. You would never upcharge under the code for the standard lenses as that would be misrepresenting services performed (think Fraud, Waste and Abuse)

V2744 - Tint, photochromatic, per lens
V2745 - Addition to lens; tint, any color, solid, gradient or equal, excludes photochromatic, any lens material, per lens
V2755 - U-v lens, per lens