Wiki Billing for PA's for Assisted Surgery

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We are credientialing new PA's in our Ortho and Cardiothoracic areas for the purpose of the PA's helping the Surgeons not only in office but in the OR as well. How/can you bill for PA's as an Assisted Surgeon??
use modifier -AS on whatever surgery codes they are assisting on, and I believe you use the PA's NPI. then depending on the payer they'll get a percentage of whatever the normal fee is. Just make sure the PA's bill goes in first, because some payers wont pay any more once the primary physician is paid. also make sure the assistant is mentioned on the op report along with the portions of the procedure they assisted on, so you have some documentation to back you up. anything else...oh yeah make sure you consult the physician fee schedule search on CMS regarding what surgery codes can be billed by assistants. that can help you avoid denials. hope this helps! :)