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It is my understanding that when a major procedure is being done that pre-op is the day before and is included in the global surgery and minor procedures are the day of. If a patient is having bariatric surgery and we see the patient 7-10 days before for blood work and pre-surgery work up can we bill for that seperate? I work at an ASC and I am not sure if the rules here are different than anywhere else? Any advise is appreciated!
seeing the patient 7 - 10 days prior to the surgery, you should be able to bill for the services performed.

I know when the patient is seen day before it's included and I know that there is a 3 day window rule for pre - admission testing prior to surg. hope this helped
That is what I thought. I am new here so I wasn't sure if it is different with ASC but I didn't think so. I wanted to follow up with some people though to make sure I was correct. Are we able to just charge a regular E&M code? Can we charge for the pre-op even if it is not a physician that is seeing them for this?