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Has anyone billed for wound care supplies such as gauze, tape, etc... in a clinic setting (POS 11)
These items are status P which means not separately reportable in the clinic setting.

Bundled and non-incident services: there are two instances in which no fee schedulepayment is made for a covered service, but instead payment for the particular serviceis bundled into the payment for another covered service. The first instance occurswhen a service is considered as incident to a physician service and is furnished on thesame date of service. Payment for the service is considered bundled into the otherservice’s payment. The second instance occurs when a service is not considered“incident” to a physician service. In this latter case, payment for the service is madeunder other provisions.

For example covered when provided under DME benefit at home not covered when provided in the office. It's included in the RVU for the wound care code.
I believe they are fall under SNF consolidated billing rules

[h=3]Physician “Incident To” Services[/h]While CB excludes the types of services described above and applies to the professional services that the practitioner performs personally, the exclusion does not apply to physician “incident to” services furnished by someone else as an “incident to” the practitioner's professional service. These “incident to” services furnished by others to SNF residents are subject to CB and, accordingly, must be billed to Medicare by the SNF itself.