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We are a Pediatrician office and looking at billing for supplies such as a finger splint, ankle brace, arm sling, wrist brace, shoulder immobilizer and nebulizer tubing and mask. Can anyone give me feedback on that? I found the hcps codes on the packaging that we should be using but cannot find any reimbursement rates with Medicare. Please help.
Supplies like these are not paid under the Medicare physician fee schedule but under a separate DME fee schedule which you can download here:

If you're going to bill these to Medicare, you will need to be credentialed and enrolled with the specific DME Medicare contractor in your region. You'll probably also want to contact you other local payers to find specifics about how and whether they will allow you to bill for these. Some payers may have contracts with preferred suppliers to provide these for their patients and might not reimburse you for them.