Wiki billing for the read of ob ultrasound 76816


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Dr. E goes to an outreach clinic, the outreach does the 76816 TC portion on the 5th (date of the appointment). Dr. E comes back to his clinic and does the "read" on the 7th. What date is used for billing the "read" the 5th or 7th.
Check with your contractor. Ours allows either. Since the 'read' is the professional portion (reported with the -26), you'd report the date of the read. But again...payers vary on this.
I think Medicare needs to make a decision to follow the same rules for Labs where date of patient encounter dictates service date. Someone posted recently had a problem where it was a test limited to 1x 30 days and since they used the dictation date it denied due to a frequency limitation. Had they used the TC date it would not have been an issue.