Wiki billing for twin delivery via c-section or vaginal

Seeley, California
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what are the guidelines to bill for twin delivery either by C-section or vaginal delivery
I was told to use 59510 for first baby and 59515-59 second baby for cesarean delivery, but somehow this doesn't sound
good to me.


Thank you
It may depend on the payer but my payers policy is global + a delivery only code. It would not be an additional delivery w/ postpartum as postpartum is for the mother not the baby.
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You would code 59510 once because only one C-section was performed. If the procedure was difficult or extensive, you could add a modifier 22. This is per ACOG.
Anastasia is correct for c-section delivery of twins. If you're referring to twins, one delivered vaginally and one delivered cesarean, assuming provider is billing for the global package: primary code would be 59510 and secondary code 59409. Depending on payer, modifier may be required for 59409.