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Dufur, OR
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I am wanting to know if you could use H0023 more than once for a member specifically if you were trying to engage them. For example: you had an open group (non-billable) to provide education, support, etc. but it is not designated for established clients in an agency. What if a person comes more than once but is not ready to start treatment. Could we use this code over and over again until they are ready for treatment?

H0023 – Behavioral health outreach (planned approach to reach a targeted population), per encounter
Behavioral health outreach is a service targeting specific, at-risk individuals in a given population who are in need of assistance with mental health issues. This may include mobile teams that contact at-risk individuals in the home, centers in which individuals can drop-in and obtain information regarding mental health treatment or social services, or other various methods of contact that are not represented by a more specific code. This service may be delivered telephonically.
I'm sure it depends on your state's Medicaid program, but here in CO, our state has listed the following example activity in regards to outreach with code H0023: "Initiating non-threatening conversation and informally identifying need for behavioral health services, with repeat contact over time in an effort to engage an individual into services."

Hope this helps!