Billing incident to for virtual office visits

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Is anyone working with a provider using incident to services with their telemedicine/telehealth services? More and more private payers are reimbursing for telemedicine/telehealth services (22 states and counting) and the question I've been asked is whether the "virtual office" is recognized for direct supervision for the incident to rule.
If the provider is using a secure virtual connection (the provider, health educator and patient must log in to see and talk to each other), completes an office visit and then the health educator is brought in to the visit (virtually), can the services performed by the health educator (e.g. nutrition education) be billed incident to the provider?
Our providers are required to stay logged in to the virtual office; just in case the patient has a question that needs his/her attention. (Direct supervision) Current guidelines don't seem to address the virtual office in the same way as a brick and mortar office but it's becoming a good solution for fewer provider and more patients.
Any input or resources would be appreciated.