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I need some help on this one as soon as possible....

I know there is the new codes for non-face-to-face E/M, 99441-99443, and it states that it is initiated by the patient, however, is there a code or a way to bill if the physician is off work due to medical reasons and they want to go over test results, follow up, etc. Has anyone ever experienced this before. I thought about using the NOC along with notes, but was not sure if there was another way of doing it.

If that does not work, can I bill the 99211 with the nurse seeing the pt., as long as there is another Dr in the office.

I am new at this coding stuff, but am always looking for ways to make a buck!!

thanks for anyone that can help me out!!
Per 2008 CPT manual: 99371-99373 have been deleted. To report telephone evaluation and management services, see 99441-99443)
thanks for the help, I am aware that I can use the 99441-99443, but the catch is that is has to be initiated by the patient and I was wanting to bill with the Dr initiating the phone call, that is why I thought of using the NOC. Not sure I can do it, but may bill one with documentation and see what happens.

Did you ever get paid on this? or did you bill an NOC? Just curious, I have encountered the same situation and was trying to make a decision on this.
Telephone Codes

The CPT book says these codes are for established patients. Does anyone know if these can be used for new patients, too? We have a new patient that wants to talk to the doctor on the phone before she comes from out of state to see him. She said she would pay cash instead of billing the insurance. But can we bill her using these codes? If not are there any other codes that can be used?