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The surgeon performed a pericardial window for pericardial effucion. He also states that "sections of the pericardium were removed for biopsy purposes." I have 33025 for the creation of the pericardial window, however is there a code for the biopsy of the pericardium?
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The CPT code 33025 says "creation of pericardial window or partial resection for drainage." I would assume sending the pieces off that were "resected" for pathology is inclusive in the 33025 code. I don't see significant additional work to justify another charge.

Holly Pettigrew, CPC, CPC-H
Physician Coding Auditor
However, I would like to add...unless this was from a clear distinct area from the pericardial window that was created. Then I would need to know the technique used (39010 for open pericardial biopsy add -59 to show separate incision/site or 32604 if done by VATS).

But in the reports I am seeing, my doctors are taking tissue from the pericardial window area, so would be inclusive.