Bladder Scan

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How do you bill for a bladder scan? We have never done one before. The provider marked E/M 99214, bladderscan, foley cath placed, lidocaine 20cc.

I have been told that the bladderscan is part of the E/M 99214, bill the 51702 for the cath and I can't bill the Lidocaine.

I have also been told to bill the 99214/ 25 modifier, 51798 (bladder scan), 51702 (foley cath) and I am to bill the bed bad, leg bad, coude cath,and I am to bill the J2001 (Lidocaine). (multiple diagnosis codes on encounter)

Can I bill for all the supplies for the cath or is it included in the 51702?
If not, what codes? Can I bill the Lidocaine?

Any help would be appreciated.