Tallassee, AL
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I just needed to let everyone know that there is still good in this world and praise the Lord I am feeling blessings all around me. Panicking about the money I have invested and the blessing of a job I accepted the month I started the program doing what I am studying, finding out ,y hstyerectomy sent me in to early to mid stage menopause, AND NUMEROUS TEST revealed a battle that made all of this seem to be the right thing but impossible at this time! ADHD was the diagnosis, and yes I've joked about seeing squirrels my whole life to excuse the fact that I didn't hear a word the person just said not do I ever hear anyone but all these thoughts that constantly remind me I am not going to succeed. Well here it is time to renew membership, buy 2021 books and take the CPB and CPC all before March 31 2021 due to the expiration date. 4000.00 initially another 300 more and just like that I got an email that my membership was approved for a scholarship enrollment and a call from the sweetest person I have ever spoken to telling me she was able to get her supervisor to extend my courses until May 31 2021! Ladies and gentlemen I am no quitter believe me when I tell you I was but just a tiny mustard seed away from just letting my diagnosis win BOTH OF THEM which by the way are not friends and have actually caused my mind to grasp zero to nothing when 13+ yrs were behind my belt when I started. When I tell you my life has been in and out of hell to testify to each of you tonight to say HE WILL TAKE YOU THROUGH THE 🔥 I am just so thankful for the vessels Our father used to make this all happen! On that note I will say I am making time for my studies and myself and I will do this if it be his will I will continue to not be Shaken! Thank you for listening and thank you for being YOU ! Angels hide in strange places there are not always broken branches revealing thier trails! Have a blessed night and I just hope my story will give someone on here a smile 🤗-JJ