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Is anyone else having problems with Blue Cross denying wellness labs? a Blue Cross rep is telling my billing office that V700 cannot be a first listed code, can anyone provide feed back on how I am to be coding wellness labs when i am not screening for anything?
V70.x codes are first listed only allowed. If you are performing lab test at the annual visit for drugs the patient is currently taking then you are correct it is not screening, but it is drug monitoring and should be billed with the V58.83 and the v58.6x code. if it is being performed "just because" then use the V72.xx code for lab testing. All of these V codes can be seconday but the V70.xx must be first listed for the prevent or wellness code.
Jessica, I would use V72.62 which is Laboratory examination ordered as part of a routine general medical exam. This is a billable medical code that should get you reimbursement. Good Luck!