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Madera, CA
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I am looking to create a new bonus structure for my employees but have not had any experience with doing so.
Does anyone have any ideas or experience with bonus structures within the billing and coding field? I want it to hit a bit of all aspects; from charge entry to AR.
I haven't added this yet, however, for W2 employees be sure that the structure is in contract form and in a policy manual. In CA, when an employee has a bonus structure there are rules in place as to how that is paid out and the frequency of the payout. When an employee is terminated or quits, that bonus needs to be paid out as well. I just had an employee file a small claims court suit for a discretionary bonus (xmas bonus). I had to pull out every CA law on discretionary vs non discretionary to explain to the judge why the employee was not entitled to the bonus after termination. The bonus you are proposing is "non-discretionary".