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Medical Coding Academy!

They are based in Dallas but travel the country. I took the program last year in Tampa and can't say enough good things about it! Passed my exam first time with a 93! Watch all of Ms. Ortega's videos ... her enthusiasm is infectious! Best of all, she's "real" ... what you see on the videos is the real her and she's exactly the same in person. No hype or salesmanship - she tells it like it is.

The course is 3 days but expect to put in a lot of extra time before and after. You get an advance packet with a lot of prep work (tab your books, make notes, etc.). Each night after a marathon session in class you'll have homework. And when class is over, you leave with a study plan of what to do each day/week leading up to the test. Ms. Ortega refers to this as "a short term pain for a long term gain."

Best investment I ever made. Passing the exam is more about knowing the guidelines and having a strategy for the exam and you'll definitely get that.

According to the website they'll be in Long Beach in August, Sacramento in September, and LA in November.

Good luck!