Botox injections for cosmetic purposes

upper saddle river,nj
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I have a dermatologist who does Botox for cosmetic procedures, there's a question if I should bill the patients for a 2 week re-touch in case they're uneven. I know for augmentations we follow the patient for at least a year. Does anyone know if there's any documentation out there that would asisst me with this rule?


True Blue
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Since cosmetic procedures are self-pay and not billed to insurance, there really aren't any coding and billing rules to apply to this. You'd want to make sure you're compliant with your local and state laws regarding the procedures, but beyond that, this is really a business decision for your practice to make based on cost and customer service considerations. Whatever you decide, from my experience I would recommend always making sure that your expectations of what the patient will be responsible for are very clear and in writing before starting any treatments and that they sign a consent and agreement in advance so that there are no questions later on as to what was or was not to be included.