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How to code S & I for Brachiocephalic arteriogram.
The patient was prepped and draped
appropriately and after infiltration with local anesthesia, the
right common femoral artery was punctured with a micropuncture set
to introduce a 5-French sheath. Through this a 5-French
Berenstein catheter was passed up the right innominate artery
where an injection was performed. The catheter was then advanced
into the right subclavian artery and further injections performed
in various projections and with filming down the arm.

After the filming and attempt was made to cross the complete
occlusion without success.


Brachiocephalic arteriogram.

No abnormality is seen in the proximal carotid or subclavian

Right subclavian arteriogram.

There is minimal irregularity inferiorly just distal to the
internal mammary artery. There is complete occlusion of the
artery with the appearance of thrombus just distal to the lateral
thoracic artery. Collaterals are well developed around the
shoulder to reconstitute the brachial artery 7 cm distally. There
is thrombus at the origin of the lateral circumflex humeral
artery. Filming down the brachial artery demonstrates complete
occlusion of the radial artery just distal to its origin.
brachiocephalic arteriogram

This report reflects a unilateral extremity arteriogram from the cath placment and injection in the right innominate artery. In addition the catheter was advanced to the right subclavian artery with further injections and imaging. This would be reported with 75710 for the initial extremity arteriogram from the innominate cath placement and injection. The additional "selective" arteriogram from the cath placement and injection in the subclavian artery would be reported with 75774. The only cath placement to report is 36216 for the cath placement to the subclavian.