Bronchoscopy w/placement of blocker


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Need help coding for Bronchoscopy with Thoracotomy lobectomy.

Patient airway was anterior and small anesthesia could not place double lumen endotracheal tube. Surgeon did the following prior to thoracotomy.

Anesthesia placed a single-lumen tube into the trachea. Surgeon placed a catheter, aortic occlusion catheter, with the balloon in the left mainstem bronchus using bronchoscopic techniques and visulization. The saline was infused into the balloon to completely occlude the left main stem bronchus. At this point, one-lung ventilatin was establised by anesthsia. Sugeon proceeded with thoracotomy lobectomy.

Can I code for the bronchoscopy if so what code. I dont think 31634 works. Balloon was removed after surgery was completed.

Thanks in advance for your help.