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I am taking a Final in ICD-9 CM tomorrow and I am wondering if there are any tips on how to code for burns. I am not sure what I missed on my assignment, but I think I struggled with total body burns like with the extent of the area burned with second degree and third degree burns. I also originally struggled with accidental poisonings. Can you please help me? Thanks!
The coding guidelines do a wonderful job of explaining exactly what you need for burn coding, I would read that section in conjunction with the code book and it will help a lot. You will find the guidelines in the front of your codebook.
Burn E Codes


I already looked at the section guidelines. I reviewed for the exam last night. I hope I did okay, but I did not find my grade out right away. Thank you for the help. I am an A student in her class. My grades have been really good.

Brandi Chinn