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Florence Marsico
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Accomplished Healthcare Business Professional

Profile: Dedicated to the healthcare profession with a combination of business and technical skills in multiple levels of healthcare settings. Analytical, attention to detail, effective communication, entrepreneur spirit with 15+ years of experience.
Performance related to managing, finances, reimbursement, coding, medical records, customer service, independent contracting, marketing and consulting.

Professional Goals: Continue my education in healthcare profession

Education: AAPC Certified Ambulatory Coder- CASCC, ISP AHIMA HIT Program, RCFE, CNA, CMA, some college/seminars related to healthcare industry.

Career History:
Ø Operational management-Business-Finances experience

Ø Hospital / Ambulatory /Physician Office/ Medical Records/ Coding/ Auditing

Ø Skilled Nursing Rehab Facility / Residential Care for elderly

Ø Independent Contracting- medical records coding, and marketing

Ø Business Office Manager-Skilled Nursing Facility 3 years

Ø RCFE Marketing-Independent Contractor-2 years

Ø Ambulatory Surgery Center–Business Manager/ Coding Reimbursement- 10 years

Ø ASC / Hospital Coding and Management total of 15+ experience multi-specialty

Ø Independent Medical Records Coder Contractor - 3 years


Ø Knowledge of Microsoft word, Excel program, Coding software

References: upon request :)