C.P.C. since 2006 seeking part time remote position


Corinth, TX
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I currently work remotely, full time for an excellent company as a multi-specialty coder complete with a wonderful benefits package. I am a high production coder and have always passed my monthly audits.

I am looking part time work as I have 4-5 hours daily that I can dedicate to another practice/clinic/entity. I have previously owned 2 clinics & have coded records, remotely,for a large trauma hospital. I am well versed in financials and have excellent time management skills. I have coding, auditing and over 20 years in collections with a proven track record of successful claims recoupments & appeals. I am a professional coder, always striving for maximum reimbursements.

I have a home office, completely HIPPA compliant & secure. I have the required skills & knowledge of NCCI edits, LCD's, CPT, ICD10 certified and currently studying for the CCS exam.

I am honest, dependable & high production of coding records, with 95% or better success rate.

If you have any questions, please message me for additional information.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity & consideration.