C-section w/bowel repair


London, OH
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Good morning! Needing a little help. Patient went to OR for a C-section due to bowel obstruction. Can we bill for both the C-section and the bowel repair? Same incision. The C-section of course has a cap reimbursement amount. The bowel procedure added an hour and a half to the op session. Initially it was billed as separate procedures with a -79 on the bowel repair. (We have several payors that insist we use such modifiers as -78 & -79 even though they're not anesthesia appropriate modifiers.) We were paid for C-section, but denied for the bowel repair because of the modifier. I'm thinking higher proc should have been billed for the entire time, but with what modifier? Fellow coders suggested -22?!! There was also a TAP block done for post op pain. In my 2 years of coding anesthesia I have never seen this. Any ideas? TIA.
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