Wiki Cabg/incidental diaphragmatic hernia sac excision

Garner, NC
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My surgeon noted what appeared to be a large fat pad in the left upper chest beneath the lower sternum when he was taking down the mammary artery for a CABG. This "fat pad" ended up being a large herniated left anterior diaphrgamatic hernia sac. The sac was opened and there were no intestianl contents present, it was managed by ligating the base and excising the sac. The size of the ac was at least 7x7x5 cm, the neck of the sac was 3 cm in size. My surgeon felt that the hernia was a congenital-type diaphragmatic hernia. I need help in coding this procedure. No repair done, i.e. mesh, just excision of the sac. Thanks for any help you can give me!!!:eek: