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Good morning. I have a question to understand combo coding. If a patient has cad with angina, would you use code i25.110 to capture both? The doctor specifically mentions this patient has angina pectoris. Then later in assessment says the patient has CAD.

Is the correct coding to be I 25.110 which is a combo code that includes angina?

Or do you list the angina and cad separately? I25.10 and I 20.0

Or i25.110 with i20.0?

Thank you for any guidance given for this.
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Good morning - you would code the combination code only I25.11x (with the appropriate 6th character based on the type of angina). If they say angina pectoris with no further details like unstable, exertional, etc. you would code I25.119.

Here are a couple of guidelines from ICD-10-CM that may help:

Section I.C.9.b
ICD-10-CM has combination codes for atherosclerotic heart disease with angina pectoris.... When using one of these combination codes it is not necessary to use an additional code for angina pectoris. A causal relationship can be assumed in a patient with both atherosclerosis and angina pectoris, unless the documentation indicates the angina is due to something other than the atherosclerosis.

Also under the combination codes, we have an excludes 1 note for the angina codes in I20 just confirming these codes are not intended to be used together but the combination code reports both the CAD and the angina. I hope that helps :)

Good Morning, If a Patient is found to have CAD w/ Unstable Angina(I25.110)..if the Angina is not found on the next visit..should I25.10 be reported, or do they always carry the Angina Dx(I25.110)
Thanks in advance to all replies:)