Question Calcaneal Spur w/ plantar fascial release coding


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I am having trouble with coding the following procedure:

Calcaneal spur resection with plantar fascial release, left foot. Under C-arm fluoroscopy guidance, an 18-guage needle was inserted from the heel in a distally placed position aiming towards the spur. C-arm fluoroscopy confirmed the trajectory was correct and right on the spur. The 18-gauge needle was replaced with a #15 blade which was inserted percutaneously and all the way to the spur. Under C-arm fluoroscopy, complete release of the medial and central bands of the plantar fascia were noted. Good release of the bands was noted. A rasp was then inserted and the calcaneal spur was carefully resected via C-arm fluoroscopy guidance. C-arm fluoroscopy confirmed excellent reduction of the calcaneal spur and complete resection of the plantar fascia. Sterile saline was used to irrigate the incision and the incision was closed with 4-0 Prolene.

I'm thinking 28119, but the words "fluoro guidance" and "percutaneous" are what are confusing me. I know I'm overthinking this, but I just can't figure this out! Any help is appreciated.