Calculating Wound Sizes


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Hello Everyone it has been quite sometime since I have had o calculate manually wound/Lesion sizes. Does anyone have a guide or know of a tutorial to help refresh or teach me how to complete this process. I work for a Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeon so a great deal of calculations. Thank you all in advance of provide some examples that I may have to use as a guide. :D


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Excision: measure the longer side of the lesion plus the margins on each side. *length + margin + margin*

Destruction or shave: measure just the longer side of the lesion itself. *length*

Curretage and desiccation: measure just the longer side of the lesion after the curettage but before desiccation. *length before dessication*

Repair: square centimeters, which is *length x width*. (If there is more than one repair of the same type on the same anatomical coding region, add the square centimeters together, so *(length x width of first site) + (length x width of second site)*

Flap, graft, tissue transfer: centimeters of the primary plus secondary defect. *(length x width of primary) + (length x width of secondary)* (Remember not to bill any excision (except Mohs), because it is bundled with this code.)