Wiki Can an ASC bill E0781?


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I'm new to ASC/ortho/pain management coding, and have been asked to determine if an ASC can bill for E0781, ambulatory infusion pump. I read NCD 280.14, but would like some help from the pros out there. Any reference you can point me to that I can provide to the director of the ASC (billable or not) would be much appreciated.

As an ASC part of the issue will be what your contract state. If you are paid on a percent of billed charges, then itemize it as you would any device/supply. If you are paid on a global rate, then separately billing it may not make a difference, as you will be paid a flat rate anyway. Some ins. companies systems may allow a separate payment even if your contract calls for a global payment. In which case separately billing the pump will create an overpayment.

The Journal of Onc. Practice had a good article on this subject specific to phys. office billing but the logic may still apply. Here is a link to the article: