Wiki Can anyone guide me to code different types of encephalopathy?


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How to code Encephalopathy secondary to UTI and sepsis?
Encephalopathy secondary to dementia?
Encephalopathy secondary to delirium?
Based on coding clinic 2017 second quarter 2017 page 8-9 the code assignment of G94 Other disorders of brain in disease classified elsewhere is only for those index entries from the ICD-10-CM index that direct you to code G94 and that if a more specified form of encephalopathy is stated than you use that index entry. It also directly addresses your question.

Encephalopthy due to sepsis is coded to metabolic encephalopathy. The index of ICD-10-CM drives you to this and the 2017 coding clinic reinforces this.

The other two would be coded to G93.49 other encephalopathy. The index term under encephalopathy "specified NEC" since there is no direct term and there is a specified cause. Since the encephalopathy is quantified in your examples it would be G93.49. If there was just encephalopathy with no specified cause it is G93.40

Hope this helps!