Wiki Can anyone provide the External cause codes for this scenario in ICD 10 CM

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The Patient here for motor vehicle collision.He went for his office work in a CAB. While travelling on a street way he is in back seat sending mails from laptop,Eventhough It was a working hours driver tries to skip the traffic light crashed into incoming Bus luckily no passengers in the bus were not injured.Driver suffered a severe head injury and lost his conciousness so he was taken to ICU immediately. While the paient had no loss of consciousness when EMS team recovered him from the spot.But had some window glass struck in his left hand made quite a blood flow out of the injury.So he was taken care in EMS room had X-rays taken showed Cervial Atlas FX and Cervical Axis FX and closed fracture of neck of Femur.Pt was placed with external fixators on his RT femur.His CRIF for Cervical FX has done successfully.The pt will be discharged today.

This was a test question prepared by my Team Lead.
V44.6XXA - Car passenger injured in collision with heavy transport vehicle or bus in traffic accident, initial encounter
Y92.410 - Unspecified street and highway as the place of occurrence of the external cause

I would exclude activity code as him on the laptop did not contribute to the accident nor the fact he was going to work.
That was really helpful but as for this concern

But had some window glass struck in his left hand made quite a blood flow out of the injury.

Do we need to give W18.02XA (Striking against glass with subsequent fall, initial encounter) for this factor.