Wiki Can CPT 49446 be billed separately from 43830?

Newark, OH
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CPT 49446 states that for converstion to gastro-jejunostomy tube at the time of initial gastrostomy tube placement we are to use 49446 in conjuction with 49440. CPt 49440 is for a percutaneous approach. Our doctor performed an open approach which was coded as 43830. I have received a bundling denial. My question is, is it appropriate to bill 43830 and 49446-51 separately.
Just an FYI: 43830 is a separate procedure which means it is usually part of a more extensive procedure.

I do not think you should code them together. I think you might be better off using an unlisted code and comparing it to the RVU's for a 43830 and part of the RVU's for the 49446. I cannot locate an open approach procedure code for a 49446. To be really precise, I'd have to read the op note, but from what you've written, I would go unlisted.