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There are two procedures here.
Can we bill for both of them since it was on the same finger?
And if we can do the codes look right?
Having a hard time with this one and I think I may be over looking something.
Thank you in advance.

Here are the codes I got.

26060-F6, 718.40
26055-F6, 727.03

1. Post traumatic flexion contracture PIP joint right index finger.
2. Possible trigger flexor tendon lock at the MP joint of right index
1. Release of flexor tendon right index finger.
2. Release PIP joint right index finger.
ANESTHESIA: General anesthesia.
DETAILS OF PROCEDURE: The right hand and forearm were prepped and draped
in the appropriate manner. A tourniquet was elevated to 200 mm/Hg.
An incision was made on the volar aspect of the MP joint of the right
index finger at the A1 pulley level
. The A1 pulley and its flexor
tendons were exposed, and the pulley was divided completely. The flexor
tendons were gently pulled and no ________.
The PIP joint is still in flexion position. Passively I can extend the
PIP joint where there is tightness of the skin in the volar aspect of
the PIP joint crease, and the collateral ligaments appear to be somewhat
tight also. So not allowing full extension at the PIP joint of the index
finger. An incision was made on the volar aspect of the PIP crease of
the index finger.
The neurovascular bundles were protected. The
contracted subcutaneous fibers were released. The A3 pulley was
released. The flexor tendons were inserted, the profundus and
superficialis tendons were visible and they are intact, and then we for
that ligament area got tightness was stretched out, but the ligaments
are intact. Passively, I can stretch and extend the PIP joint, but when
I release it there is a flexion automatically more than the other
digits, of the PIP joint.
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Your modifiers are saying its two different fingers

You would have to use the same modifier , same finger different joint in the finger, maybe modifer 59 if it wants to bundle.