Question Can you code Partial colectomy w/ small bowel resection


Chadbourn, NC
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please help ;) Can you code for both an open or Lap partial colectomy w/ anastomosis and small bowel resection together? if so, do you add modifier 59 on resection?
We are having trouble with reimbursement for both in the same setting.

example 44140, 44120-59
Or is the resection bundled into the partial colectomy? thanks
For the codes provided, 44140, 44120, there is no CCI edit and I would not put -59. I have limited experience with GI surgery, but it would seem to not be an issue. It seems the colectomy is done on the large intestine, and the resection is done on the small intestine.
Is the insurance denying as bundled, or for another reason (maybe ICD10 doesn't match up with small/large intestine for each respective procedure)? There are also some private carriers who do not use CCI edits exclusively, but rather their own internal system that may bundle these codes.
Hope that helps!
I code it a lot times. Just make sure anastomoses is done on both. Otherwise mod 52. Applies