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Hi All,
Anyone have a lead to an audit tool for the procedure portion of cardiology. I have plenty of E/M audit tools but I cannot find anything for procedures.
I have a general surgical but nothing specific to cardiology, ie, caths, ablations etc.
thanks in advance
Linda K
audit tool

Good morning,

What kind of procedure? I've never heard of an audit tool. If there are necessary components, I use my CPT book.

An audit tool for all cardiology procedures, like one would have for auditing E/M. I have a general surgery Audit sheet but I cannot find one for cardiology
Can you send me a copy of your general surgery audit tool? I code gen surgery remote and would love that reference. or

Also, if you find something on the cardio, would be mind terribly sending that as well? I have looked myself for possible PM/ICD and Heart cath audit tools to no avail. I'm gathering it's not near as commonplace as E&M audit tools.

Thanks so much!
audit tool

Okay give me a bit. Not to techy I will need to download I will try this weekend. And it appears I may make my own audit tool, but will keep all posted